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Childbirth Classes

CMC Childbirth Classes-Informed and Intuitive Preparation for Parents


your instructors, left to right: Jenny Gullen, Michelle Cushing, Scarlett Lynsky, Corinne Friedrich, Rachel White

Childbirth classes at Canyon Medical Center are geared toward those choosing to birth at home or in a birth center. Birthing is unique, unpredictable, and intensely personal. This class honors that reality by helping you become informed and in touch with your own intuition; it prepares you to be in sync with your partner, doula, and midwife, and gives you resources for the best birth possible

Childbirth Class Descriptions ↓

Each class series includes 5 sessions at 3 hours each:

Class 1: Cultivating Your Brain and Body for Birth

Balancing your body and mind with nutrition, posture, exercise and relaxation. Helping you work with your baby to optimize labor’s progress with position and movement.

Class 2: Building Your Toolkit for Labor

Moving through labor with grace and ease, and most importantly, comfort. More than just understanding textbook labor, ge ng in touch with how you will meet labor’s intensities and challenges.

Class 3: The Things You’re Not Thinking About

Whether at home or the hospital, communicating your unique needs and preferences to your support team. Not letting your fears get the best of you. Preparing for the possibility of a hospital experience, and staying grounded and connected during a birth that needs more medical support.

Class 4: Breastfeeding, Pumping and Bottle Feeding

The basics of breastfeeding and the new dynamics between mothers and partners. How to prepare, troubleshoot and build a life around feeding a newborn.

Class 5: Life After Birth

The basics of infant care and adapting to your new normal. Having realistic expectations of yourself, your partner, and your baby.

Childbirth Class Dates 2019/2020 ↓

Classes meet Sundays from 6 ‐ 9pm for 3 hours of teaching with a 15-min break.
Class sizes are limited to 6 couples and availability is subject to enrollment before deadline.

January 26 – March 1 (no class on 2/2 for Super Bowl Sunday. Deadline for enrollment: Jan 17, 2020)
April 19 – May 17 (Deadline for enrollment: Apr 10, 2020)
June 28 – July 26 (Deadline for enrollment: Jun 19, 2020)
August 30 – October 4 (no class on 9/6 for Labor Day Weekend. Deadline for enrollment: August 21, 2020)

Classes must be taken as a full series and may not be taken individually.

To reserve your spot, please email

The cost for the 5-week series is $300. A deposit of $150 is required to hold your place in a class.
Payment in full is due by the enrollment deadline for each respective class.

The Doulas ↓

The CMC Doula/Educators have a combined 20+ years of experience serving pregnant women and their families. We all feel strongly that birth is a transformative experience and that there is no one “right” way to give birth. We’re passionate about helping and never stop adding to our knowledge and skills. Lastly, we will help you tap into your own innate wisdom and abilities when it comes to birth. If you have additional questions about the CMC Childbirth Classes, please feel free to email us!