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Birthing your baby is perhaps the most important event of your life - why not make the experience as memorable as possible? Trust us, after bringing this new life into the world and what lays ahead as a parent, you deserve it!

We offer many birthing packages & services including midwives that enhance your birth experience with us.  Everything from placenta encapsulation to Holistic Pelvic Care™ is available; please inquire about all we have to offer to fully support you during this incredible journey.

CMC Childbirth Classes

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Informed and Intuitive Preparation for Parents… a series of five 3-hour classes

Our childbirth classes designed for parents choosing to deliver at home or in a birth center. Birthing is unique, unpredictable, and intensely personal. Our curricula honors this reality by helping you become informed and in touch with your own intuition; it prepares you to be in sync with your partner, doula, and midwife, and prepares you for the best birth possible. Read more about our 2018 birthing classes here.

Hire a Birth Doula


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At Canyon Medical Center, there are a team of doulas available for hire. Canyon Doulas see birth as a powerful, transformative event, and one that benefits from comprehensive care and loving attention.

We provide:

❖ Support during labor, birth and immediate postpartum

❖ Comfort, guidance & support for you and your partner

❖ Help with positions and techniques that make for an easier and shorter labor

❖ Premium and Economy Packages available.

For additional information, please read the FAQs below or feel free to email the doula team.

If I have a midwife, what would I get from a doula? 
Your midwife focuses on clinical care; your doula focuses on your coping, your emotional and physical well-being, and complements your midwife with suggestions, ideas, and unbiased information. Since your doula is with you more continuously, she can give more hands-on massage, suggestions and reassurance than your midwives alone can provide.

If I have a doula, will that feel like too many people? 
Not at all. We respect your space, create a sense of safety, and we step forward or back as your needs change. We also relieve pressure on the partner and offer them cues on how to be the best support.

What about the cost?
We have many options to accommodate all families; see our pricing for more details.



Prenatal Nutrient Support Package


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Enhance your pregnancy with key supplements to support mama and baby…$550.00

  • prenatal vitamins
  • probiotics
  • fish oil
  • vitamin D


Postpartum Support Package

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Continuing support after birth is just as important as prenatal care…..$400

  • placenta encapsulation
  • specialized lactation support with an initial visit in either the birth center or at home
  • one additional in-office visit with a lactation consultant

Placenta Encapsulation

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Pre-pay and receive a discount!…..$225

Read more about the benefits of Placenta Encapsulation here.

Biotherapeutic drainage support

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Assist your body with a gentle detox…..$360

Highly recommended for first pregnancies but beneficial for all.

Holistic Pelvic Care™

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$125 per session / $300 for a series of 3

Holistic Pelvic Care™ is an intravaginal massage that utilizes myofascial trigger point release and breath work with the goal of balancing the muscle tone of the pelvic floor and reconnecting the woman with her center. Assists with physical complaints like incontinence, pain with intercourse, prolapse, general discomfort, sense of fullness, diastasis, back pain, inability to connect to the muscles, among others.

*If you have Naturopathic coverage, this can be billed to your insurance. Please inquire with our billing specialist for further details.

Nitrous Oxide Labor Relief

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Includes cost of genetic testing prior to delivery…$295

Cost is non-refundable but if not used during labor, payment will be applied as a credit to account