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    • “…we had the best experience at CMC.”

      Let me start by saying that we had the best experience at CMC.  I’m just the husband, so I’m not the one pushing, but in my opinion, unless absolutely necessary there is no reason for a woman to have a child in the hospital.  The birthing center is by far and away a much better experience all around.

      When my wife became pregnant with our third child we decided that we would try to have him at a birthing center.  Having two children already we have experienced two hospital births: the first one induced but no pain meds, and the second a c-section.  Since this pregnancy would be a VBAC we really wanted our care providers to believe in the natural process of childbirth and to encourage it if everything was good.

      I went to most of my wife’s appointments, which were mostly with Leslie and a few with a Karen.  This also meant that our two children came to each of the appointments ( a 2 and a 4-year-old) and no one ever acted like it was a bother having them there.  I liked Leslie from the first appointment and felt that my wife was in good hands. My wife ended up being two weeks overdue and was given some natural ways to induce labor.  What I loved about Leslie was how calm and reassuring she was at the moments when we were starting to be stressed out about things, she was always very positive, letting us know that things were ok.  Having had two previous births at hospitals where medical intervention is the norm it was very refreshing.

      Going over birth plan the midwives were very accommodating to what we wanted, not that we wanted anything crazy, but my wife told me she felt very empowered by the choices she was given.  When it came time for labor and delivery at CMC my wife loved the experience, well at least as much as you can love labor.  From my perspective, it was really awesome.  The room was big and clean and the atmosphere was relaxed.  We wanted to be left alone until it was time and we were.  Our son came and they made sure he was doing well but gave us all the time of those first moments that we wanted and they then waited to do all the measurements that have to be done.  After birth, Leslie made my wife a smoothie and then we were given an iPad with a list of available restaurants who would deliver dinner, definitely beat hospital food!

      — Ahmad M.

    • “…smart, capable, confident, and caring.”

      I had the privilege of using the doctors at Canyon Medical Center for the birth of my daughter. I found them to be smart, capable, confident, and caring. I felt that I was in very good hands. In addition, the pediatric care for my daughter was great. I sadly moved out of state and was sad to have to leave their care.

      — Joy B.

    • “Their birthcenter is a sanctuary…”

      We had the most amazing experience working with the midwives throughout our pregnancy and the most magical birthing experience. Their birthcenter is a sanctuary compared to most hospitals. We fully trusted the midwives to help us make the best decisions at every step along the way, something I cannot say about our prior experiences at my wife’s OB/GYN.

      For anyone interested in alternative care, working with CMC is a dream come true!

      — Julian P.

    • “I couldn’t wait to get back to the birth center.”

      Canyon Medical Center is amazing.  I highly recommend them.  We had a great experience working with them for the birth of my third child.  We had a bit of a hiccup during the birth and the midwives were right on and called an ambulance the moment things weren’t normal.  They then followed me to the hospital and made sure we were 100% take care of.  I couldn’t wait to get back to the birth center.  When we did, they took great care of my family.   The post-pardum doula care was amazing.  I highly recommend Canyon Medical Center in Portland Oregon to anyone looking for a birth center.  They provide so much support, care, concern and love.    I would trust and refer them to assist with the sacred task of birth.

      — Lindsey A.

    • “…..there’s no question that we’d HIGHLY recommend Canyon Medical Center…..”

      We have nothing but incredible things to say about our experience at Canyon Medical Center. I started seeing Dr. Seth Burrell when I was preparing to get pregnant. Seth took special care to provide detailed, holistic information about how I could prep my body in order to set us up for the best possible success in trying. When we got pregnant, he recommended we work with the midwives there at the clinic, which we did. Throughout my pregnancy, we were seen by both Dr. Leslie Hamlett and Dr. Karen Dewitt, both incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, approachable and supportive women who took the time to get to know me and my husband not only as a patient, but on a personal level as well. This personal touch made us both feel so comfortable asking all the questions we had as first time parents (which were a lot!).

      When the time came for us to give birth, the level of care we experienced was unlike any experience I’ve ever heard of. We had a series of midwife visits to our home as well as a chiropractic visit. As I transferred to the birth center, we experienced an absolutely beautiful birth supported by our care team. We felt so safe during labor and the encouragement we received was incredible. It literally brings tears to my eyes thinking of everyone cheering for us during that time and the love and support we felt. The birth center itself was so comfortable – it felt so luxurious compared to what a hospital room would have been. In the 48 hours that followed we were cared for by an amazing team of postpartum doulas and midwives – some of the most caring, warm and thoughtful people I’ve ever met. We didn’t want to leave, it felt like vacation! All-in, there’s no question that we’d HIGHLY recommend Canyon Medical Center and we definitely plan to do it all again this same way if we have another child.

      — Hannah P.

    • Kudos to your 2 medical assistants…

      Kudos to your 2 medical assistants that gave [patient] his TDaP yesterday…[they] went over and above to distract, comfort, and reassure [patient] to make the actual shot as easy and as quick as possible.  He was a difficult patient…very scared, crying, anxiety ridden, a bit emotionally out-of-control.  But your gals did it!  It’s done!  I’m so glad I came to your office for that….Thankful for you and your staff and all the great treatments you have to offer my family. I will continue to make the drive from Gresham any time when needing medical care.



      — Coby V.

    • I can’t imagine a better place to have a baby…

      I can’t imagine a better place to have a baby or a better group of professional, caring staff. Everyone was so knowledgeable and passionate about what they do.
      Leslie and Nadia were my midwives. With their support and direction everything went smoothly and exactly the way we wanted.
      After the birth we stayed in one of the beautiful suites for two days bonding with our new baby and being taken care of by the wonderful postpartum staff.
      It would be hard to find a better place to bring a new baby into this world.
      You guys are truly amazing!

      — Aya T.

    • …[They] are not only knowledgeable and capable, they are warm, thoughtful, and kind…I can’t imagine going anywhere else!

      I am so thankful for the pregnancy and birth experience I had with Canyon Medical Center and highly recommend it to anyone looking to go through this pregnancy and labor in a natural, less medicalized way. The Naturopath Midwives at a Canyon Medical Center are not only knowledgeable and capable, they are warm, thoughtful, and kind. Immediately upon meeting Dr. Lyon and touring the clinic I knew I wanted to give birth there. The clinic provides an all-in-one approach for natural birth, so when the day comes for your little one to arrive you are already comfortable and familiar with the location and have likely already been into the room you’ll deliver in. In addition, there is an added level of security in giving birth with naturopathic doctors attending, something you don’t find at most natural birth centers. Unlike at hospitals where unmedicated birth is the exception, at Canyon it is the norm, so the gals are accustomed to walking through the experience with you and supporting you in a unique way that I imagine would be hard to come by in a traditional hospital setting. Upon giving birth in the way YOU want – whether that’s in the bed, tub, or on the floor – the attending doctors expertly care for you and baby, then as soon as you’re both cleaned up and they ensure all is well, they spring into action cleaning the room and as if by magic it’s back to looking like a hotel suite. You are then cared for by postpartum doulas who check in on you and the baby, personally prepare breakfast, and order in other meals for you. Following check out, getting a home visit for the first postpartum appointment rather than having to leave the house is such a welcome relief. On the logistics side of things, the receptionists and medical assistants were always pleasant to work with and were quick to get back to me when I had billing or appointment questions. Lastly, they offer birthing classes at the clinic, adding another way for you to feel prepared for your natural birth. Now that I’ve given birth at Canyon I can’t imagine going anywhere else!

      — Kayla P.

    • My birth was amazing– and I had the wonderful midwives to thank for that.

      I have been working with Karen DeWitt at Canyon Medical (formerly natural childbirth center) and I highly recommend them. They are naturopath midwives, and helped me along every step of the way of my pregnancy with wonderful suggestions for herbs, supplements and care for myself. My birth was amazing– and I had the wonderful midwives to thank for that.
      They are very open, there was never a question about any of the choices we had made, and they have forward thinking, relevant thoughts on newborn care. The aftercare has been wonderful, so caring, I think everyday how thankful I made the choice that I did.

      — Corinna

    • I absolutely love Canyon Medical Center.

      I absolutely love Canyon Medical Center. Their naturopathic care is so wonderful. I have NEVER enjoyed going to the doctor until I met Dr. Leslie Hamlett. She is so warm, friendly, caring, empathetic, & knowledgeable. So is all of the other staff. The clinic is very homey feeling and I love that I can buy really high quality supplements/tinctures/products there.
      The birth center is amazing! I tell all of my friends that they should consider giving birth there. It was my first baby and Leslie (midwife) and Seth (ultrasounds) made me feel so safe and secure every step of the way. My birth was such an amazing experience and I hope I get to have all of my babies here. I was thrilled to have a natural water birth that went so smoothly. The postpartum care that I received was top notch. I am also thrilled that I can continue pediatric care with the same doctor that delivered my baby!

      — Katelyn P.

    • I am always confident that people will be in good hands when I refer them to Canyon Medical Center.

      As a colleague and fellow naturopathic doctor I am so grateful for the wonderful physicians at Canyon Medical Center. They offer the only naturopathic birth center in the Portland metro area and it is an incredible facility. Their naturopathic midwives are top notch, plus they provide expert ultrasound services, IV medicine, and more. This is a full service clinic that works with a broad population from newborns to seniors. I truly value their thoughtful, honest, and effective approach to medicine and this is why I am always confident that people will be in good hands when I refer them to Canyon Medical Center.

      — Derek A.

    • I came away from my first birth feeling like it was a very positive, natural experience

      My husband and I chose Canyon Medical Center for the birth of our first baby because we were looking for a stand-alone birth center that we did not have to drive across Portland to get to (we live in Beaverton). I alternated between Leslie and Vanessa for my prenatal care; both were extremely knowledgeable and great to work with. I felt comfortable asking questions and working out a birth plan with both of them – they gave good advice but definitely left me in the driver’s seat. It was very important to me to have a natural birth, and I was sure that I could do it if I had the right support. Leslie (who was the attending midwife) and the rest of the assisting staff helped to provide that support, along with my doula. My labor was fast (less than 6 hours) and intense, but I felt very confident the whole time that I was in capable hands and did not need to worry about anything except pushing that baby out! I loved being in an non-hospital environment during labor, birth and especially the postpartem period. The postpartem staff was amazing – they kept me supplied with a steady stream of snacks and beverages (very important when you are recovering from birth and breastfeeding!), and made me feel like a guest instead of like a patient. The breastfeeding and infant care help were great, too.
      I came away from my first birth feeling like it was a very positive, natural experience, rather than a medical emergency or something to be scared of. Canyon provides the best of both worlds with excellent medical care, a natural birth philosophy, and an emotionally supportive environment. Unless we choose to do a home birth next time, we will definitely be coming back, and I would recommend them to any low-risk expectant mother who is looking for a hospital alternative.

      — Rachel. D

    • I can’t imagine having been anywhere different

      Amazing staff, beautiful rooms, and the best 2 births I’ve had.
      Thank you for helping me bring my babies into the world safely.
      ETA: I have had 3 natural labors and deliveries in hospitals prior to my experience at Canyon. My births at Canyon were my 4th and 5th. I wish I had had all my babies in a birth center or home environment.

      — Evelyn M.

    • I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am to the Canyon team…I would highly recommend this group for any of the services they offer.

      I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am to the Canyon team. They are kind, supportive, knowledgable, empowering professionals and I love that they were a part of my birth story. From beginning to end I was so well taken care of. They provided me with everything that I needed to make sound medical decisions for myself and my baby, and those decisions were 100% respected and supported. No story is perfect, but never once did I feel neglected, unsafe, or unheard. The after care was outstanding. There are 24 hour midwives who do everything in their power to ensure that you leave healthy, rested and bonded with your new family member. The facility is clean, comfortable, and beautiful. I would highly recommend this group for any of the services they offer.

      — Beth S.

    • I love this practice for so many reasons….They’re amazing people!

      I love this practice for so many reasons. The care is high quality, connected, and we had an ideal birth experience with Dr Hamlett and Dr DeWitt. I love that they have continued to be our family doctors and my son loves going to the doctor without fear. They’re amazing people!

      — Carrie D.

    • The most helpful and friendly staff

      The most helpful and friendly staff. It is so nice to have found a doctor that is dedicated to finding the root of the problem and fixing it, not just trying to fix the symptoms. I am really glad I found this place!

      — Amanda C.

    • We highly recommend Canyon Medical Center if you are looking for a great birth experience

      Dr. Karen DeWitt was amazing as she guided us through our second home birth and all ND’s at Canyon Medical are extremely kind and understanding. We highly recommend Canyon Medical Center if you are looking for a great birth experience.

      — Lissette Z-F.

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