Eye-to-Eye Education is geared toward those choosing to birth at home or in a birth center. Birthing is unique, unpredictable, and intensely personal. This class honors that reality by helping you become informed and in touch with your own intuition. It prepares you to be in sync with your partner, doula, and midwife, and resources you for the best birth possible.


Each class series includes 4 sessions, 3 hours each:

Class 1: Cultivating Your Brain and Body for Birth

Balancing your body and mind with nutrition, posture, exercise and relaxation. Helping you work with your baby to optimize labor’s progress with position and movement.

Class 2: Building Your Toolkit for Labor

Moving through labor with grace and ease, and most importantly, comfort. More than just understanding textbook labor, getting in touch with how you will meet labor’s intensities and challenges.

Class 3: The Things You’re Not Thinking About

Communicating your unique needs and preferences to your support team, whether at home or the hospital. Not letting your fears get the best of you. Preparing for the possibility of a hospital experience, and staying grounded and connected during a birth that needs more medical support.

Class 4: Life After Birth

The basics of breastfeeding, infant care & adapting to your new normal. Having realistic expectations of yourself, your partner, and your baby.




(all classes meet Sundays, 10am -1:15pm: 3 hours teaching time, 15 min break, and are subject to availability based on enrollment before deadline)

Jan 11th, 18th, 25th and Feb 1st. (Deadline for Enrollment Dec 29th.)


To Reserve your spot email DrDeWitt@canyonmedcenter.com

Deposit of $125 is required to hold your place, with payment in full ($250) before first class.

You may also choose to add on a birth doula at discounted rate. Inquire for more details.



Gracie Koester

Gracie is a strong, gentle, intuitive doula. In practice since 2006, and supporting over 200 families, Gracie brings the benefit of a wide breadth of knowledge. Yet she also remains humble, each birth being a new teacher, and offering new insights. She approaches birth from psychological and physiological perspectives, guiding and supporting families to find their footing along the path to parenthood. Gracie wholly believes in the power of the birthing woman, and in the value of doula support in helping access that power and confidence. Moreover, believes that the partner plays an invaluable role in the birthing process, and that a doula enhances that role. She delights in assisting families to prepare emotionally, physically, and knowledgeably for a vibrant birth. In supporting families, Gracie brings continuity and collaboration, and an investment in making your experience unique and satisfying.


Gracie has been an educator through most of her life–spanning swim coaching, teaching English in China, and mentoring. She is a sponge for learning, and sharing information is a passion. Be thankful you didn’t know her when she was studying physics. You would have heard way too much about particle and wave theory.


She is also a full-spectrum doula, a new parent support group facilitator, and mentor to new doulas. The other passions intertwined in her life include her art and design practice, geeky anatomy-based yoga, and daily runs in pretty Portland. Her private practice is BirthRoot, her springboard for supporting families from the ground up.


Scarlett Lynsky

Scarlett has been a childbirth educator for five years and a birth doula for four. As a teen she became interested in birth, but it wasn’t until after her first child was born in 2002 that she really considered a career in birth. Even then, it took a few years to make that career a reality. Having done so, though, she can’t imagine doing any other job. A fan of puzzles, Scarlett relishes puzzling out what will help each woman and partner and how to help them be on the same page as a team.


The journey to parenthood is a wild, unpredictable ride. When you’re on that crazy ride, you want your team members to be unflappable, straight-forward, flexible and non-judgmental. Scarlett has all of those qualities, in addition to giving a very good back massage.


Her personal history includes being born at home in SE Portland and having the good luck to be able to deliver both of her children at home in water. She is married to a very supportive partner and her children are now 11 and 7 years-old. Her private practice is Hatchlings Doula Services.


Corinne Friedrich

Corinne received her birth doula certification in 2010 and postpartum doula certification in 2013 from Birthingway College of Midwifery in Portland, Oregon. Originally planning to travel down the midwifery path, she was greatly surprised to discover along the way that doula work was actually her calling! Corinne believes that calmness, non-judgement and acceptance are her strongest attributes as a doula, and thoroughly enjoys all that she learns from each family she spends time with.


Corinne was born at home in Milwaukie, Oregon in 1981, and attended a family friend’s birth at the age of 2, and her own brother’s birth at the age of 4. She has been keenly interested in the birth process and holistic health ever since, and is especially intrigued with each unique perspective that dads and partners bring to the birthing experience and the creation of their families.


When not immersed in the world of birth and her private practice of Cascadia Birth, Corinne also loves to garden, sew, knit, play the piano, nap, bake, read National Geographic and the Farmers Almanac, and explore the Oregon outdoors with her husband Tyson and their enormous dog, Sirius Black.