This interesting journal article presents and discusses statistics regarding planned natural birth.

For the women described in this study (N16,924), the findings included:

  • low rates of cesarean birth (5.2% for planned home vs a national average of 31% for term infants)
  • low rates of birth assisted by forceps or vacuum (1.2% for planned home vs. a national average of 3.5%)
  • low rates of episiotomy (1.4% for planned home vs a national average of about 25%)
  • less need for oxytocin to speed labor (4.5% for planned home vs national average of 40% for labor induction & augmentation in term pregnancies)
  • less use of epidural analgesia (4% for planned home vs a 67% national epidural rate)


Outcomes of Care for 16,924 Planned Home Births  (Click to read full article)