Canyon Medical Center

Outcomes of Care for 16,924 Planned Home Births

October 25,2014

This interesting journal article presents and discusses statistics regarding planned natural birth. For the women described in this study (N16,924), the findings included: low rates of cesarean birth (5.2% for planned home vs a national average of 31% for term infants) low rates of birth assisted by forceps or vacuum (1.2% for planned home vs.  Read more ›

Birthing Classes

October 22,2014

Eye-to-Eye Education is geared toward those choosing to birth at home or in a birth center. Birthing is unique, unpredictable, and intensely personal. This class honors that reality by helping you become informed and in touch with your own intuition. It prepares you to be in sync with your partner, doula, and midwife, and resources  Read more ›

What is Vascular Age Testing?

October 19,2014

Vascular age testing can look at your blood vessels and determine your “vascular age.” Your arteries may be older than you are! Vascular age can be determined by measuring the thickness of the carotid arterial walls (Carotid Intimal Media Thickness or CIMT). Determining the thickness of the arterial walls gives you and your physician the  Read more ›

IV Nutrition & Injection Therapies

October 19,2014

Intravenous nutrient therapy is an effective treatment alone or in addition to a comprehensive health plan. Vitamin and mineral IV infusions strengthen the immune system, enhance the body’s response to stress and fatigue, support cognitive function, and improve energy levels. NCFC physicians have advanced training in IV nutrient therapy and we treat a wide variety  Read more ›

Product Spotlight: Keep your kids healthy this winter with Kindermune

October 19,2014

As we head into the cold and flu season, let’s take a look in our medicine cabinets to make sure we’re ready and best equipped to support our children.  While busy at school and spending less time outside, our kiddos are more vulnerable to illness during the winter months.   Besides more frequent hand washing, drinking  Read more ›