Birth Center


Our birth center is the perfect alternative to the hospital or home setting. While ensuring the medical safety of you and your baby, we will support the labor process that you choose, because this is your birth. We will strive to support your birth plan, unobtrusively monitoring labor and managing any concern that arises. We welcome any supportive people you choose to bring, whether they are family, friend, or doula. We will encourage you to be up and around as much as possible, and to eat and drink. In addition to the private suite, there is ample space for your guests to relax.

Our birthing center offers a state of the art birthing tub for use during labor and/or delivery. Warm water helps muscles relax and hips open. Often referred to as the “midwife’s epidural”, the combination of buoyancy and relaxation lowers stress and allows the laboring woman’s body to function very efficiently. Babies also appreciate the transition from water to water. A water birth has a soothing effect on everyone involved. We are very comfortable with and skilled in water birth.

You are free to choose any position for birthing. In addition to the birth tub, you may choose the bed, the birth chair or the floor; you can sit, squat, be on your side or on all fours. As long as it’s safe for you and your baby, you may find the position that feels best. To decrease the chance of tearing, we offer perineal support, arnica massage oil, and a slow, gentle birth to help your tissues stretch.